by The Anomylos Ensemble

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released February 2, 2017



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The Anomylos Ensemble New York

Anomylos tells stories within stories, shape-shifting between dialects of prog, punk, jazz, classical, and all kinds of folk music, in a basic language of artsong. Self-described as "anti-chamber music", the journey is wrought with colorful reflection, angst, lyricism, contrapuntal word-painting, and arc. Listen on (m)any levels- When the words and sounds fade, the story continues. ... more

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Track Name: In There
know the answers are in there, somewhere
in the shadow of doubt
what’s the chances that i care what’s in there?
lest i figure it out…

if appearances be what they say that they are
eyes cannot tell
whats the difference if i can or can’t see that far?
it’s just as well

cos the answers are in here, so near
through the water of my tear, it’s unclear
how my own thoughts got blurred

seem to remember something just out of mind
only i wasn’t me
from my own center, dreamt that i was assigned
passing identity

but i’m just pretending
to be resending
a request to see through
and while i’m waiting
i’m understating
the one thing that feels true—
no me, no you.

so i’m going inside now, somehow
to turn back on that light
but i’ll keep my embraces low brow
lest i spoil the fight
and until then, i’m sure that i’ll see you around
helping me out
and until then, remember your breath is the sound
that softly drowns out
the shadows of doubt
so Listen,
within and without.

If my pain is just a warning light to let me know when i’m wrong,
I think I’ll just let it flash until I finish writing my song.
Track Name: Hurt Song
This is a Hurt Song, as you ought to know
and it’s my first one since you retaught
to Show

And I was wrong, it’s not to complain that you
are not strong, nor to point out the pain

I never ever meant to mislead you,
nor to sever the tether which we were woven to,
But your clever equation of Sharp equals True
wouldn’t register the coming of the new
without a Hurt Song

as I sang Kesang, I went on too long
as cat eyes looked on at the shivering
Wrong Voice

Koushman jumped up on me, set my fingers free,
and with a wide yawn, he muted the stings of my
Song Choice

I wonder what it sounded like for you
down in that sealed radiation suit
But your fire has cracked our mirror in two
and you picked the sharp edge, so the point is moot
without gloves on

(’s just a love song)

I was wrong, I must remind you where we are
before this song is resigned from my guitar
So far

But before dawn, you really ought to know
That I remember what you wanted us to show
No Scar
Track Name: Dizzy Spells Revelation
Here you are again, I close my eyes and enjoy it.

This is as disorienting as life itself.
I think I see what this dizzy spells

Crystal queen, refracting dream, whoever you may be,
Take this worn out “me” of mine far away from me.

As I learn to embody this labyrinth, it melts
And I feel more solid than ever.
Grounded in the union of the walls that divide and the lights that guide
I step around the corner to find everything I grasp and everything I shun
Also melting.

This misty green, bled through the seams, however cleverly,
disguised itself as dizzy spells to lead me back to me.
And only when I cursed it again did the light come to me,
and I was dead before it said, “I’m whatever you want me—“
Track Name: Away
I don’t ever want to go Away

All I see around is division,
resistance to push against communication
Fighting for freedom of will within prison,
shouting across the fence

And inside it all, I have a strange vision-
identity not so dense with limitation
This can be hard to do with precision,
living in such a mess

…but still I say
I don’t ever want to go away
My whole life is telling me “no you’ve gone astray”
but I don’t ever want to go away

From every side there’s nothing but pressure
that I find a game to play—participation
but meaningless work demands a refresher
There must be a better way

Civilization itself is oppression
where self contradictions arise
Our whole education is approximation
of toxification and lies
But post-revelation, beyond sensation,
position is still in disguise
No matter where you go, the air will let you know
the error’s within your own eyes

and as i float between
the dream and a dream
I unravel the seam
that holds me in place
in time and in space

but despite everything I say,
I don’t ever want to go away
The only thing I really know, I can’t say
but I don’t ever want to go away

I don’t ever wanna go away
Track Name: Acorns

Where you go with that y-ellow ticket?
Push it aside to get inside, but n-ot y-et.
Let it go in fact, you won’t leave intact enough to hold it in your hand.

Ceiling with no walls, woman with no balls
to go inside a good place to hide when the acorn falls.
Tightly holding that brand new gold ticket
just place it where you won’t get burned.

Don’t know where you went, in the circus tent,
now color blind, without your mind, you even left no scent.
Light that leaves no mark leaves you in the dark,
but can’t you see much better now, without that dark secret?

Come into the second door this side, if you’re ready not to try and hide.
I promise not to help you decide (it’s only your insides).
You find yourself coming into shape, asking “How long is it going to take?
and when can I take off this old tape? It’s starting to stink of pride.”
Well that’s all just a part of the ride.
Just stay inside…

Transformation coming along (ears to the wall)
Tall branches bent, hear elephants (it’s ripe to fall)
Forewarned-a storm of acorns (it’s ripe to fall)

I did not expect to go with you, as this path does not have room for two.
now I won’t have to buy new shoes; you’ve taught me how to glide.
I sliced open my feet last I tried.
And when I cried, my tears turned into new acorns.
(Just watch them fall)

Send you off with that polished gold ticket,
with brand new feet, someone to meet, and the stage reset.
Sev’ral lifetimes spent polishing intent,
until it shines, reflecting thine; we’ll never forget.
Way to grow, with that y-ellow sunlit illuminated patch of sky.
And now, good bye - - - >
Track Name: Epilogue [stormy road]
O, staring down that open road
all stories gone to where they go
droning static noise, this river flows
oh, how to make that story known?

so drawn into that eerie glow
and to the currents just below the road
waiting for the long cold wind to blow
and teach me the song i’ll come to know

Shall we dance along that stormy road?
Take our chances on the rain and snow?
Shall we dance upon it,
shall it answer us?

no standing on that raging road
motion is your safety, should your load explode
stillness still a long, long way to go
all the way along that stormy road

Now we dance along that stony road
So intense, the story that unfolds
All these fences on it,
still it can’t sunder us.

(oh, stay along that Stormy Road)

How we danced along that stormy road
So entranced along that snowy road
How we danced upon it,
how it danced under us.